Xenadrine Ripped

Created by an industry leading company, Xenadrine Ripped is a men’s fat burner that calls itself a “weight loss powerhouse.” Describing a specific and clinically proven compound, Xenadrine Ripped created a blend which it promises will help you to get “absolutely shredded”, all backed by 2 separate clinical studies.

The Studies Behind Xenadrine Ripped

The first study was conducted over 12 weeks in a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled environment. 29 individuals took part, showing that the key combination found in Xenadrine Ripped, which included alchemilla vulgaris, oleaeuropaea , cumin, and mentha longifolia, can be used to burn fat. Within 12 weeks, the average test subject lost an average of 20.94 pounds as opposed to 1.7 pounds in the placebo group.

A second 8 week study gain showed significant weight loss, helping the average user to lose 16.5 pounds as opposed to 1.73 pounds in the placebo group. Both groups were of course put on a low calorie diet plan. However, this has the capability to promote what we would consider to be an obvious effect.

Are There Other Ingredients?

More specifically, most would like to know if Xenadrine Ripped has any ingredients that specifically cater towards male dieters. Xenadrine Ripped has plenty of ingredients that can support healthy lean muscle mass (amino acids can feed muscles and prevent breakdown), and it has caffeine, which can lead to healthy thermogenic fat burning.

Xenadrine Ripped for Men

However, Xenadrine Ripped fat burner does not have any ingredients that are specifically geared toward men. It does not have testosterone boosters such as tribulus terrestis, and it does not even have natural aphrodisiacs such as yohimbine, which some would consider questionable anyway. There is nothing to differentiate Xenadrine Ripped from any other non-male supplement once you look at the ingredients.

Our Perspective on Xenadrine Ripped

Xenadrine Ripped has ingredients that have been clinically proven. It uses ingredients that have been through extensive clinical tests, and the newest blend found in Xenadrine Ripped has really caught our eye. None of these ingredients are actually specific to either sex, and Xenadrine Ripped counteracts the whole non-stimulant based compound with the fact that it uses caffeine.

If you can handle the caffeine though, we see no reason why Xenadrine Ripped wouldn’t be a Xenadrine product for either sex to look into, as long as you don’t expect gender specific anything.

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